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Cooking book. Series 1

November 2021


As the fall is certainly considered the most well-fed time of the year, it’s time to gather your friends around a big and plentiful table and have some quality gluttony time!

  • Wash the chillis properly and cut off the stems.

  • Loosely chop the garlic cloves.

  • Blend the chilli and garlic in a food processor. Blend lightly - do not let it become a pulp. If you don't have a processor, chop finely with a knife but wear gloves or remember to wash your hands properly.

  • Lightly heat up the chilli and garlic in a pan without any oil. Stir constantly so they can dry out but not get stuck to the pan. After about 5 minutes, add the olive oil to the pan.

  • Fry the mix on a low temperature for about 25 minutes. Then set aside to cool down.

  • Once cool, add the vinegar. Add salt to taste. Pour into a glass jar and keep in the fridge.

And whatever you’d like to eat, it’s the sauce that makes our favorite dishes richer, brighter and spicier.While you're preparing your number one feast-for-the-beast, our infamous saucier monsieur Lecéleri will give you a profound master-class on how to bring some joyful flavors to your party or daily table.

Bon appetit!

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