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Present Joy

December 2021


Another year flashed and gone like a bright fiery comet!

In a blink of an eye, the 2021/2022 holiday season knocked at our workshop’s door. And despite being an absolute favorite time of winter magic and all-around fun, it caught us absolutely unprepared. What to do, when you still have tons of work to finish, but also need a solid chunk of time to pack all the big and small gifts and present them to your loved ones and close friends?

Luckily, a real miracle happened! The cutest Santa’s elf all of a sudden appeared in our doorway! We had a pleasant time, drinking cranberry tea with cinnamon biscuits and assembling big and small gift boxes. Our new friend went back to the infamous North Pole residence, but the memory of this wonderful night will stay in our hearts forever. We all love New Year's time for this special vibe, for the presents and surprises.


But what we cherish the most - the holidays are about being close to each other. This is the most beautiful and valuable gift we could ever give and get. So, present the joy of sharing this special time to your partners, kids, friends and family!

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