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Have you ever personified the music as a pal? You know, a chit-chat partner. The one you can meet for a long Saturday night walk, that goes beyond time and space, and ends up only when you want it. A kind of conversationalist, that’s here to follow the line of dialogue, but going to surprise you with some unusual twists and turns. The never arguing, but the one who always has a kind of opinion, that leaves you speechless and disarmed. Oh yeah, we feel it. And you’re too.

The third edition of Sound For Walls is exactly like a much needed person to speak with. Constructed by our friend Roman, the man of powerful charisma and broad variety of talents. After setting the foundation of Odessa hardcore for upcoming geneariotns to be proud of, Roman followed his artistic line as tattoo artist with unique style. Ease yourself and get into this pleasant talk.


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