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No doubt, music is a tool. It’s a special emotional mirror, where you see your own reflection so clearly you might get surprised or shocked. Deep bounding with that exact song, band or composer doesn’t come by chance. Look closer and you will see why.

The final iteration of Sound For Walls is brought to you by mister Antony himself. A bright creative and executive mind behind the art and craftsmanship of the Walls.Press and the music of Reminded, Kentawr and Bluesbreaker. A true friend and loving companion, a warm soul full of empathy and understanding. Wrapping up his original idea of thematic musical playlists, he gives you his own one for your emotional use only. The selection provides a variety of tunes, which reflects his emotional portrait with all possible colors and shades.

Summing up our modest and non-academic research we finish with ellipsis instead of the dot. It is for you to continue this never ending float along the sonic waves towards the new heights and depths. But what’s the most important - towards yourself.


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