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Another year has just started. And what Walls Press considers the homeland, now covered with a solid blanket of snow and glaze of ice. A midnight of nature, that’s resting and restoring the power before going back to blooming and growing.

A soft pleasant dream, full of bright fantasies, sensations and feelings is nothing but pure bliss. You’re floating along these flashes of faces, places, storylines and plot twists up until a wake up time comes unexpectedly. And you’re enjoying every second of it. Even weird and odd scenarios appear as really appealing sequences of events. You see and feel them as quite familiar too. But you could never predict these stories to happen in this exact configuration.

The first episode of season 2 of Sound For Walls looks, feels and flows exactly like this.
Prepared by our dear friend Nikita, who’s a notable musician and a pleasant guy to spend the evening with, it gives you just what quality dream session is supposed to provide - deep relaxation, powerful recharge and a decent load of fantasies to be inspired by.


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